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Easach L.S.
What is the purpose of allowing the present system to continue?

"What is the purpose of allowing the present system to continue? What is Jehovah actually waiting for to bring this miserable system to an end? It is disheartening, to say the least, that 2017 is upon us and this wicked system is still in charge.

Thanks Easach for sharing with the readers of this site your interesting thoughts."
Keep On The Watch!

But know this, if the householder had known at what hour the thief would come, he would not have let his house be broken into. You also, keep ready, because at an hour that you do not think likely, the Son of man is coming.
The Lord’s Day is Coming Exactly as a Thief in the Night

QUESTION: I was reading one of the study articles called "Why Keep on the Watch”, and in paragraph 12, I found this interesting statement about what’s to come in the future: “Do not let the apathy of others discourage or dissuade you from keeping on the watch. You know better. Paul wrote to fellow believers: “You yourselves know very well that Jehovah’s day is coming,” and he added, “exactly as a thief in the night.” Jesus warned us: “Keep ready, because at an hour that you do not think likely, the Son of man is coming.” (Luke 12:39,40) — Soon, Satan will deceive the masses into accepting a false sense of “peace and security.” He will mislead them into thinking that all is well on the world scene. What about us? That day of judgment does not have to “overtake [us] as it would thieves”, provided we “stay awake and keep our senses.” — That is why we daily must read God’s written Word and meditate on what Jehovah is telling us.”
Based on the line that I indicated in bold, would this be the beginning of the great tribulation? Also, would you agree this false sense of peace and security is a unique event in the future and not the relative peace that exists in some parts of the world?
When will the lies end?

Commentary on the Daily Text: 12/11/2016
The Kingdom of the heavens is like a dragnet let down into the sea and gathering fish of every kind. — Matt. 13:47
Jesus likened the preaching of the Kingdom message to all mankind to the lowering of a large dragnet into the sea. Just as such a net indiscriminately catches large numbers of “fish of every kind,” our preaching work attracts millions of people of all kinds. Not all those attracted to the truth will take a stand for Jehovah. Many have associated with us at our meetings. Others have been willing to study the Bible with us but are not willing to make a commitment. Still others are no longer associating with the Christian congregation. Some youths have been raised by Christian parents and yet have not developed a love for Jehovah’s standards. No matter what the situation, Jesus emphasized that everyone needs to make a personal decision. Those who do are viewed by him as “the precious,” or “desirable,” things “of all the nations.”
Saint John The Baptist Preaching Luca Giordano
Saint John The Baptist Preaching, by Luca Giordano
In what way did the baptism of John the Baptizer and the baptism that followed by Jesus' disciples differ?

I have a question about baptism. In what way did the baptism of John the Baptizer and the baptism that followed by Jesus' disciples differ, if the second one was not about dedication?
Did the apostle Paul go to Jerusalem in order to consult with the Governing Body about the circumcision issue?

Q: Did the apostle Paul go to Jerusalem in order to consult with the Governing Body about the circumcision issue? I once heard a talk by Fred Franz where he presented scriptural evidence that there was no GB in Jerusalem. The information he presented was very convincing. Have you heard about that talk? I would be interested in your comments.
Did the foretold "critical times hard to deal with" begin in 1914, or is that still future?

Q: Paul mentions the last days would be critical times hard to deal with, due to the fact 1914 has no relevance to bible chronology and Jesus coming or presence I was wondering when Paul’s words apply. When considering the world scene is unparalleled in history as far as environmental destruction, social disorder, etc, etc do the critical times apply to this time period or is it still to come? Jesus also stated in Mathew 24: 8 ”All these things are a beginning of pangs of distress”. So I’m wondering how this relates considering this has not happened yet but world condition are trending downward?
Musing About God
The Truth About God …

The real reason there is suffering. It might surprise you.
Musings About God
How the Ransom works...

So much has been told and written about the ransom in the past two thousand years, but few have understood how really the ransom works. What follows is an explanation more logical than religious about the functioning of the ransom. This text is taken from the site MusingsAboutGod.com.
King of the North

Q: Who do you believe to be the king of the north today, and why do you so answer?
Seeing Christ, Face-to-Face

This is a review of the congregation Bible Study material for the week of November 7-13
The Operation of Satan with Every Powerful Work
This is the fourth installment of the consideration of the Bible study material for the week of October 17-23.
Will we be able to talk with God someday?

QUESTION: The Israelites communicated to Jehovah via a theocracy. As Christians we now pray to him through Jesus, but still require faith that our prayers are heard. Is there any basis in the Bible to believe that those living on Earth in the new system we will be able to communicate individually with Jesus and Jehovah?
Maintaining the Devil’s Invisible Parousia Hoax

This is a continuation of commentary on the God’s Kingdom Rules!
Bible study material for the week of October 10th, 2016.
Who will be able to stand when he appears?

This is a consideration of the study material for the congregation Bible study covering chapter two of God’s Kingdom Rules!
Watchtower Changes Its Pedophile Policy

Over the course of the past 15 years the Watchtower has come under increasing scrutiny regarding child sexual abuse among Jehovah’s Witnesses. There have been numerous high profile lawsuits brought against elders and the Watchtower corporation, multi-million dollar judgments, capped in 2015 with the Royal Australian Commission holding a public inquiry and the subsequent bombshell revelation that of over 1,000 known cases of child abuse in Australia not a single crime was reported to the police.

As the heat has gotten hotter the Watchtower’s spokesmen have been adamant in claiming that Jehovah’s Witnesses abhor child abuse and the organization’s policies are effective —that is, until now. As of September 2016 the Watchtower’s Legal Department has quietly begun to institute a new policy.
God's Kingdom Rules
God’s Kingdom Rules! – or does it?
Lessons 1 and 2

This week the midweek book study begins in the new book entitled God’s Kingdom Rules! At the request of a few readers The Watchman’s Post will feature a weekly commentary based upon each lesson. This article actually considers the information presented in the first two lessons.
Until He Comes

Commentary on the Daily Text: Thursday, September 8, 2016

Keep doing this in remembrance of me.—1 Cor. 11:24.

Night has fallen, but a full moon bathes Jerusalem in soft light. It is the evening of Nisan 14, 33 C.E. Jesus and his apostles have celebrated the Passover, commemorating Israel’s deliverance from Egyptian bondage 15 centuries earlier. With 11 loyal apostles, Jesus now institutes a special meal—one that will memorialize the death he will experience before this day ends. Jesus says a blessing and passes unleavened bread to the apostles, saying: “Take, eat.” He takes a cup of wine, again offers thanks, and says: “Drink out of it, all of you.” Jesus will not pass other food items to them, but he will have much more to tell his faithful followers on this momentous night. So it was that Jesus instituted the Memorial of his death, also called “the Lord’s Evening Meal.”
When Is the Great Crowd?

Commentary on the Daily Text: Saturday, August 20, 2016

The eyes of Jehovah are on the righteous, and his ears listen to their supplication.—1 Pet. 3:12.

The righteous include “a great crowd” who “come out of the great tribulation.” (Rev. 7:9, 14) These survivors are not just “a crowd.” They are “a great crowd”—a very large number of people. Do you see yourself among them as a survivor of “the great tribulation”? Where do those making up the great crowd come from? They are being brought together because of what Jesus foretold as part of the sign of his presence. He said: “This good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.” (Matt. 24:14) In these last days, this is the chief work of God’s organization. Because of the global preaching and teaching activity of Jehovah’s Witnesses, millions of people have learned to worship God “with spirit and truth.”—John 4:23, 24. w14 5/15 4:6, 7
You Will See Your Grand Instructor

Commentary on the Daily Text: Friday, July 29 2016

Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. Your spirit is good; may it lead me on level ground.—Ps. 143:10.

Although Jehovah makes his counsel freely available, he does not force anyone to follow it. We need to ask for his holy spirit, and he will give it to us generously. It is essential, though, that we ‘pay attention to how we listen.’ For example, it would be hypocritical to ask Jehovah for help to overcome an inclination toward immorality while continuing to look at pornography or watch immoral movies. We actually need to put ourselves in places or circumstances where Jehovah’s spirit is. We know that his spirit is at the congregation meetings. Many servants of Jehovah have avoided disaster by listening to Jehovah during our meetings. As a result, they have become aware of wrong desires developing in their heart and have corrected their ways.
What is your take on the scriptural viewpoint on the prohibition on blood as stated in Acts 15?

Since it has become apparent to me that the WTBTS has missed the mark on many scriptural issues because of their dogged defense of 1914, 1918 et al., I have to ask your scriptural viewpoint on the prohibition on blood as stated in Act 15 and other pertinent places in scripture. I have always felt that the societies viewpoint was well supported scripturally, but at this point I find myself questioning everything. What is your take on this subject? I don't recall seeing you weigh in on this. If you have, I have missed it. Again, I would value your response. Please support your reply scripturally. Thank you in advance.
If Jehovah's Witnesses can celebrate wedding anniversaries, why not birthdays?

I am a Witness and want you to know that I appreciate your website (perimeno.ca). I look up the Scriptures you use and often do additional research to satisfy myself that they agree with other scriptures on the subject. It has helped me in clearing up a number of things that I had difficulty explaining before, while it also has confirmed some things that I already knew. But there is one thing I have not been able to explain to myself scripturally, and I haven't seen discussed on your site and that is, why don't we celebrate birthdays? I recently went to a party of a relative of mine, which turned out to be on his birthday, and which an elder counseled me about later when he found out I had been there. (I don't know how he found out.) I told him that when I went I was not aware that it was a birthday party and asked him why it is wrong to celebrate birthdays anyways. I must admit that even if I had known I probably would have gone anyways. This relative recently moved to our state and last year I went to his 10th wedding anniversary. I asked the elder why it is ok to celebrate wedding anniversaries but not birthdays. He gave me the usual reply that the Society gives, which I already know, but no Scriptures.
When Is “Then”?

Commentary on the Daily Text: Thursday, July 21 2016

People will hand you over to tribulation and will kill you, and you will be hated by all the nations.—Matt. 24:9.

As followers of Christ and Witnesses of Jehovah, we are persecuted in nations around the world. This is to be expected. In the face of such hatred, however, we endure in the Kingdom-preaching work and continue to prove ourselves holy before Jehovah. Although we are honest, clean-living, and law-abiding citizens, why are we so hated? (Rom. 13:1-7) Because we have made Jehovah our Sovereign Lord! We render sacred service to “him alone” and will never compromise on his righteous laws and principles. (Matt. 4:10) We are also “no part of the world.” Therefore, we are neutral with regard to the world’s wars and political affairs. (John 15:18-21; Isa. 2:4) If we are focused on God’s sovereignty and we trust in him, nobody can cause us to compromise and be ensnared by cowardly fear.—Prov. 29:25. w14 11/15 3:8-10
One must be baptized in order to survive armageddon?

On this article we’ll try to answer 2 questions about baptism:

Q1: I had a question about baptism. I was wondering if its true that one must be baptized in order to survive armageddon. Of course I want to be baptized but I would like to know what would happen if I didn’t get the chance?

Q2: I would like someone to explain to me the discussion of baptism last Saturday. Is it precisely the concept expressed in regard to baptism as a requirement for salvation?

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