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A Generation Pure In Its Own Eyes

Where today do we find God’s household? Is it made up of all those who profess to follow Jesus? Is it possible today to identify God’s household? Indeed, does belonging to God’s household guarantee that a person has God’s approval?
“You are My witnesses, says Jehovah, and I am God”

Does Jehovah have his witnesses today? Does a person become a witness of Jehovah simply by identifying himself with God's name?
Disfellowshipping - Is it Discipline or Punishment?

Jehovah's Witnesses are well known for their practice of disfellowshipping unrepentant wrongdoers. But it is not just sinners who lack any remorse that are disfellowshipped or cast out of the organization. Also expelled are persons who may have addiction problems or any who manifest the works of the flesh, such as the apostle Paul listed in Galatians 5:19-21, "immorality, impurity, indecency, Idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, anger (ill temper), selfishness, divisions (dissensions), party spirit (factions, sects with peculiar opinions, heresies), Envy, drunkenness, carousing, and the like." Since Paul goes on to say that "those who do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God”, any who are baptized Witnesses and are guilty of practicing such things are put out of the organization, they are disfellowshipped.
Gérard Gertoux
The Book of Job: Why?

The book of Job is a fascinating publication. First book of the bible that has been written, it gives yet the answers to the main questions of men: why is there evil, and what is the remedy. The book of Job not only recounting the ups and downs of its main character, but offers the hope that human race will experience the relief of his pain by revealing the identity of the redeemer. We must not believe that the question of the universal sovereignty of Jehovah only looks at our little planet, but on the contrary it has an universal dimension: Satan has posed a challenge to Jehovah, thinking that he would not be able to meet it without breaking his own laws. In the heaven a chess game is played that is beyond us.
Gérard Gertoux, in his publication The Book of Job - Chronological, Historical and Archaeological Evidence, try to combine archaeology and biblical text in order to demonstrate the usefulness of the book of Job. The reading may seem daunting, and requires an intense thought to be able to hang on to the ideas of his author, and, even if the thesis is seductive, some doubts remain on some of the explanations. On that page you will find an excerpt under the title: The Book of Job: Why? As always, you are encouraged to give your point of view in the space for comments.
Jehovah’s Witnesses – What is the truth?

They are a cult! No, they are God’s earthly organization! They are false prophets and antichrists! No, Jehovah’s Witnesses are Kingdom proclaimers —the true religion. They protect child molesters! No, “we abhor child abuse.” These are just a sampling of the accusations against and claims made by the Watchtower. One thing is certain: The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society and Jehovah’s Witnesses are one of the most controversial religious organizations in the world. But what is the truth?
Watchtower’s PR Dept Brushes Over Child Abuse by Jehovah’s Witnesses

The Watchtower has produced a brief melodramatic video of a child abuse victim telling her story. It is a slickly produced public relations movie. It even has some drone footage shot over the beach as happy families frolic.

At first glance one might assume that the Society is trying to help the many victims of sexual abuse who have suffered at the hands of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Not so. This sister, Crystal, was abused before she became acquainted with Jehovah’s Witnesses. And obviously her abuser was not one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.
Moscow Moving for Total Ban on Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia

A statement dated April 7th posted on jw.org indicates that Russia is moving to implement a total ban on the the work of Jehovah’s Witnesses, including the confiscation of the branch property, known as the Administrative Center of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia.

For a few years the city of Moscow has been suppressing Jehovah’s Witnesses. But a nationwide ban would set Jehovah’s Witnesses back to the days of Stalin’s USSR and the Siberian gulags.
Showbread and the New Covenant
Q:  I launched into my own personal investigation of the Bible on [the New Covenant].  After doing extensive research, I came to the conclusion that ALL Christians are indeed in the New Covenant, but only the anointed with the heavenly hope partake of the emblems.  I hold this opinion based on my research on the similarities between the Old and New Covenants.
I am sure you are familiar with the showbread that was placed before the altar in the temple on the Sabbath day of each week.  Only the priests who served in the temple were permitted to eat it.  Is it possible that this  pictured who may partake of the emblems under the New Covenant? Personally, I think it does.  Under the Old Covenant, Moses sprinkled the blood of the covenant on ALL of the sons of Israel, but yet, when the Levite tribe was created and Aaron and his sons anointed to service in the temple, ONLY these ones could eat the showbread.
In conclusion, all the sons of Israel were included under the Old Covenant.  All the sons of spiritual Israel are included in the New Covenant.  Only the anointed priests serving in the temple could eat the showbread.  Only the anointed priests serving in the spiritual temple can eat the emblems.
Your thoughts would be appreciated...
Why Attend the Memorial?

Q: Every year we make a special effort to invite people to the Memorial, and then we have to explain to them why they should not partake. All they do is sit and watch as the emblems are being passed. In our congregation we don’t have anyone who partakes. Frankly I find it embarrassing to have to explain that I invited them only to watch a ceremony. What’s the big deal about being present at the Memorial if we don’t partake?
The Great Tribulation is “Jehovah’s Day” at Armageddon

“For then there will be great tribulation such as has not occurred since the world’s beginning until now, no, nor will occur again. In fact, unless those days were cut short, no flesh would be saved; but on account of the chosen ones those days will be cut short.” —Matthew 24:21,22.
John 10:16 - Who Are the “Other Sheep”?

The words uttered at John 10:16< has greater significance for the “Great Crowd” than they realise. Knowing who the “OtherSheep” are will draw those of the “Great Crowd” closer to their mediator Jesus, and their heavenly father Jehovah God.
What Does 607 BCE Mean to You, and Does it Matter? (Part one)
Are there any indications, anywhere in the Scriptures, that might be helpful in calculating accurately the time for the establishment of God's kingdom? Over the many centuries there have been those who reasoned that God has provided clues to answer that question, resulting in the advocacy of various dates, only to be eventually rejected with the passing of time. In the latter part of the nineteenth century the year 1914 received special attention by some who had calculated it as the time for God to set up his kingdom.
“Keep in Expectation!”

As the servants of God in ancient times, we, as Jehovah's Witnesses, also live in the expectation of the achievements of the biblical prophecies. We await the coming of the messianic kingdom that will put an end to human suffering thanks to the liberation of Jehovah’s people. However, some Christians await the arrival of the kingdom and the end of this wicked worlds for decades. Should they despair?
“Maintain Your Loyalty to God’s Kingdom”

True Christians attach great importance to loyalty and neutrality. Jehovah's Witnesses are also known for that.
What does the Bible has to say about the period of the exile in Babylon?

According to historians and archaeologists, 586 or 587 B.C.E. is generally accepted as the year of Jerusalem’s destruction. Accepting these dates means that the exile lasted only 50 years and not 70 as we are told. What does the Bible say?
Does the Bible say that a proclamation of "peace and security" will signal the sudden beginning of Armageddon?

1 Thess. 5:3 says that whenever they are saying peace and security then sudden destruction will come instantly upon them. What I want to know first of all is, are we to expect some notable proclamation of peace and security before Armageddon; and from where does it come, from the world or the Watchtower Society? Are there other scriptures that shed light on this subject?
Michael Snyder/End Of The American Dream
The Shaking Continues: The Most Dangerous Volcano In Mexico Has Erupted In Spectacular Fashion

This article has been found on the site endoftheamericandream.com. It is interesting to note that the author makes the parallel with the prophecy of Jesus in Matthew 24 & asks his readers to their point of view on this subject. Is this mean that there are people other than Jehovah's Witnesses who are able to plunge their gaze into the deep things of God?
Prophecy against the congregation elders

I just recently understood the prophecy that tells that the "shepherds" among Jehovah's people will be dismissed by Jehovah God. I had for years wondered how that possibly was going to take place practically? I wondered how the elders would all around cease to be shepherds? But finally I have now connected that to other prophecies that explain in detail how that is going to happen.
A Conversation Regarding 1914 (Spoof)

The following is a hypothetical conversation that one of Jehovah’s Witnesses might have with a person who is knowledgable of the Bible, as opposed to the typical householder. Let us imagine that a Witness named Cameron has returned to the home of a man named Robert. This spoof is based upon the November 2014 Watchtower edition for the public
When Will Jehovah’s Witnesses Go into Captivity to Babylon the Great?

At the October, 2015, Annual Meeting of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Governing Body put forward yet another revision, in what has become an annual, piecemeal revision of prophetic interpretation. All of which is attached to 1914 in one way or another.
Imagining Paradise

I feel really depressed and mixed up because I have this feeling that maybe the New World after Armageddon will not live up to expectations. I know it’s just because I could not imagine everlasting life in this system without getting bored or tired of it. I know we are told that we will be happy, but I need some form of reassurance. Please help.
Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Last Days

In reading Acts 2:14-21, Peter quotes from Joel chapter 2. How do you reason that Joel’s prophecy applies to the modern day parousia, when Peter applied those verses to their time? Frankly, how could Peter have applied those prophetic words to then? Did the sun darken, moon into blood, people calling on the name of Jehovah to be saved then?
What about the wheat and weeds in Jesus’ illustration?

In your understanding of the wheat and weeds parable at matt 13, does the wheat only represent “anointed” Christians or all Christians? I know the WT always says its just anointed, but it seems more fitting that it would be all. Comparing what you have written on the topic if the weeds are being separated from the kingdom, if it was just representing anointed Christians how many weeds or impostor anointed would there really be, doesn’t seem like it could be that many. Where as if it was weeds or false Christians spread amongst average Christians (which I would imagine is much bigger amount than with the anointed) it would seem like more of a head count to separate those weeds from just average Christians.
Does Jehovah even have anything to do with Jehovah’s Witnesses?

I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I am not disfellowshipped nor have I disassociated myself. I still go to meetings on occasion, but I’m what is considered inactive. My interest is that you still hold true to the teaching of Jehovah’s witnesses but yet not everything. Although I was raised a Catholic, I never believed Jesus was God, or hell fire, or in the immortality of the soul and Idolizing the saints. As a result of this it was very easy for me to accept and become one Jehovah’s Witnesses And so I too believe the basic doctrines which by way were believed since the time of Russell. My problem is that I am stumbled over the attention that is given to what is revered to as “God’s Organization.” Instead of trying to strengthen our faith in God’s Kingdom they want us to look to “Jehovah’s Organization”. And so this prelude was just hopefully, to help you better understand my question. How much involvement does Jehovah actually have with “Jehovah’s Organization”.

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