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Local rapper signs recording contract
This is a curiosity found on the press website Standard Times.
I am curious to have your opinion on this matter. Success, especially in the artistic community, is it compatible with a christian life?


By Federico Martinez, / @tejasjukebox

Sweetwater rapper Stetson “Toonz” Flores has signed a recording contract with The Life Entertainment, a label owned by superstar rapper Krayzie Bone.

Flores, 21, who signed the contract Tuesday, will begin touring with Krayzie Bone on March 31. Bone is promoting his recently released album “Chasing the Devil.”

”I can’t believe it finally happened,” said Flores, who frequently performs in San Angelo. “I never thought I would get very far as long as I lived in a small town like Sweetwater. I always thought I would never get signed unless I moved to a bigger city.”

Flores garnered Bone’s attention after being selected as the opening act for the rapper’s concert in Lubbock on Feb. 22. Flores was asked to open for Bone again when he performed Feb. 24 at San Angelo’s Club Amnesia.

A longtime fan of Bone and his group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Flores said he is “honored” to have been signed by Bone.

”It could be life changing; it already is, being signed to a legend,” Flores said.

Flores was born in Santa Fe and raised in Sweetwater. A Jehovah’s Witness, Flores said some family members initially frowned on his early childhood interest in rap. The talented performer eventually won his family over.

”My mom is my biggest fan now,” Flores said before bursting into a laugh.

Flores and his family were even more pleased to learn that Krayzie Bone, whose music has always included spiritual overtones, is a practicing Jehovah’s Witness.

Although he is excited about this career opportunity, Flores said it will be difficult leaving his two small children behind while he tours. The experience has convinced him that dreams can come true.

”Nothing is impossible; you just have to show people how badly you want it,” Flores said. “My grandmother always told me to be obedient to God and do right, and good things will happen.”



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